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Working Videos of Mixer
Welcome to this video, we will showcase the excellent performance of planetary centrifugal mixers in silicone stirring and defoaming. In the video, you will see the uneven color and obvious bubbles of the silicone material before stirring, as well as the amazing change in the color of the silicone material becoming uniform and without bubbles after being processed by a planetary centrifugal mixer. Through this video, you will gain a deeper understanding of the powerful functions and efficient performance of planetary centrifugal mixers.
2024 06 20
After verification by Smida, the temperature of the material stirred using a planetary centrifugal mixer with a temperature control system increased by 5 ℃, while the temperature of the material stirred normally increased by 55 ℃, with a significant difference between the two.
2024 06 06
The Smida planetary centrifugal mixer can use a syringe transfer fixture to rotate the syringe barrel to directly mix the materials. Place the materials in the syringe, place the syringe in the syringe fixture, and place the fixture in the mixing chamber to start stirring.
2024 05 23
This video uses a Smida planetary centrifugal mixer with model TMV-1500T, and the mixing container is a needle cylinder for material mixing experiments. The observed effect shows that the material has been mixed evenly.
2024 05 16
Working Videos of Laser Making Machine
Aluminum substrates belong to electronic products, which represents that the market for electronic products is still wide. The flexibility of laser marking also makes up for the shortcomings brought by traditional methods such as screen printing. It is not only applicable to the electronic product market, but also to other industries.
2024 05 09
Working Videos of Laser Cutter
Glass laser technology is a proportional processing technology that combines various advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, higher quality, flexibility, diversity, and personalization. As shown in the video, laser cutting machines can cut multiple small diameter circular holes on glass plates, with very flat edges and no deformation, making it an advanced glass processing method.
2024 06 14
In terms of material applicability, accuracy, and maintenance costs, laser cutting machines have advantages over blade cutting machines. In the laser cutting machine series, Smida can provide you with perfect application solutions. Using laser cutting machines will greatly shorten the time of material processing and ensure the quality of material processing.
2024 05 31
UV laser cutting machines have various uses in cutting materials. Laser cutting is not limited to any type of material, even a subset of materials. UV lasers are widely used in various materials, except for some metals, such as ceramics, plastics, thin films, aluminum substrates, and so on.
2024 04 29
Use Smida's CO2 laser cutting machine to cut circular holes on the reflective paper, quickly and smoothly.
2024 03 07
Smida Dynamic Videos
On the occasion of the 114th International Women's Day, in order to commemorate this holiday and enhance the pride and sense of mission of women in the new era, on the morning of March 8th, Smida company carefully sent a pot of roses, a bouquet of roses, and a box of chocolates to each female employee, and female colleagues had a half day off.
2024 03 09
Smida prepares red envelopes, fruits, and snacks for each employee on duty, and expresses sincere wishes to new and old customers, starting the new year of work.
2024 02 22
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