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Selection of reflective paper cutting equipment

In terms of material applicability, accuracy, and maintenance costs, laser cutting machines have advantages over blade cutting machines. In the laser cutting machine series, Smida can provide you with perfect application solutions. Using laser cutting machines will greatly shorten the time of material processing and ensure the quality of material processing.

Reflective paper is a special type of paper that can reflect light and illuminate a specific area with the light source. It is usually made of silver aluminum foil, PET fibers, and polymer materials, and has characteristics such as high reflectivity, protective performance, and high temperature resistance.

These characteristics make reflective paper widely used in fields such as photography, lighting, protection, architectural and engineering art creation, scientific research, etc.

The processing of reflective paper requires the use of a cutting machine to cut the reflective paper into the desired shape and size.

There are certain limitations when using a blade cutting machine.

Selection of reflective paper cutting equipment 1

1. The first reason is that the blade cutting machine is mainly suitable for thicker materials, while for thinner materials, the applicability of the blade cutting machine is poor.

2. The second is that in the manufacturing process, the precision of the blade affects the accuracy of cutting, and higher precision blades require better cost consumption.

3. The third issue is that the blade, as a common vulnerable accessory of the blade cutting machine, needs regular maintenance and replacement, which increases the cost of use.

The above are some limitations of using a blade cutting machine, and the blade also has difficulty cutting internal graphics.

If a laser cutting machine is used to cut reflective paper, there are some advantages.

Selection of reflective paper cutting equipment 2

1.Firstly, a laser cutting machine uses a laser beam for cutting and can be applied to various materials. The laser can be adjusted in power and frequency, and the spot size can also be adjusted according to different materials, allowing for the use of materials with different thicknesses, hardness, elasticity, and performance. So the material applicability of laser cutting machines is wider.

2.  The second is that laser cutting machines can achieve higher accuracy through multi-level feedback control technology, thereby accurately controlling the speed, position, and accuracy of laser cutting. In terms of production efficiency, laser machines also have more advantages, as they can fully automate production and cut faster.

3. The third reason is that laser cutting machines do not require frequent blade replacement like blade cutting machines, so the maintenance cost of laser cutting machines is higher than that of blade cutting machines.

In summary, laser cutting machines have certain advantages in material applicability, accuracy, and cost. However, it is also necessary to consider factors such as the type and thickness of film materials, production volume, and usage cost, and select corresponding cutting equipment according to needs.

Compared to the cutting of reflective paper, laser cutting machines have obvious advantages, and their working mode is non-contact cutting, which can cut materials of any shape. At the same time, CO2 laser cutting machines use CO2 lasers, which have good stability and will not burn materials. They are suitable for non-metallic materials such as wood products, paper, leather, fabrics, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tiles, crystals, jade, bamboo products, etc.

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