Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.

Non vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer is not equipped with a vacuum pump and adopts an atmospheric pressure defoaming mode, which can quickly mix materials evenly. During stirring, large bubbles can be cut and removed. It is suitable for materials that contain solvent components or moisture that are not suitable for vacuum defoaming, and can also be used for materials that do not have strict requirements for bubbles.

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The Non-Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer is a versatile and efficient mixing technology that combines the principles of planetary and centrifugal mixing. Unlike its vacuum-based counterparts, this mixer operates under atmospheric pressure, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of applications.

The key distinguishing feature of the Non-Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer is the absence of a vacuum environment during the mixing process. This design choice offers several advantages:

1. Suitability for a Broader Range of Materials:

   - Without the constraints of a vacuum environment, the Non-Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer can handle a wider variety of materials, including those that may not be compatible with vacuum conditions.

   - This versatility expands the potential applications of the mixer, making it suitable for diverse industries and processes.

2. Reduced Complexity and Maintenance:

   - The absence of a vacuum system simplifies the overall design and operation of the Non-Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer.

   - This reduction in complexity often translates to lower maintenance requirements and potentially lower operating costs.

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