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The application of planetary centrifugal mixer
The planetary centrifugal mixer has functions such as stirring and defoaming, and is widely used in the field of material mixing and mixing in the chemical, medical, biological, energy, electronics, and scientific research industries. It is also widely used in polymer materials, laboratory materials, battery positive and negative electrode materials, aerospace materials, adhesive materials, electronic display materials, ink materials, printing materials, cosmetics materials, and so on.
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Developing and testing new material formulas, etc
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Chemical materials and auxiliary materials, etc
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Positive and negative electrode materials, etc
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Ink , ointment and wash ink materials, etc
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Biotechnology related, peptide vaccines, etc
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Epoxy, resin, adhesive, coating, etc
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High viscosity adhesives have been widely used in multiple fields due to their unique performance characteristics. However, when stirring high viscosity adhesive, attention should also be paid to its stirring equipment and operating methods to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of adhesive preparation.
The efficient mixing and dispersion ability of planetary centrifugal mixers is particularly important in the application of stirring iron oxide. The following are specific applications and related characteristics of planetary centrifugal mixers in stirring iron oxide.
Conductive adhesive plays an irreplaceable role in the electronic industry due to its unique performance, and the planetary centrifugal mixer plays an important role in the preparation process of conductive adhesive. Not only does the mixing efficiency of conductive adhesive increase by 30%, but also the mixing uniformity is higher, the performance becomes better, and it has more economic and environmental benefits than traditional mixers.
Thermal conductive silicone grease, as an important material for thermal conductivity and heat dissipation in electronic components, requires precise control of the mixing and dispersion of each component in the planetary centrifugal mixer during its preparation process to ensure the thermal conductivity and stability of the final product.
Thermal conductive silicone is an important thermal conductive material with a wide range of applications. This article briefly introduces the preparation process, characteristics, and applications of thermal conductive silicone, as well as the aspects of planetary centrifugal mixer stirring and defoaming.
The different types and amounts of fillers determine the performance of silicone rubber, and different properties determine the different fields and applications of silicone rubber. The Smida vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer can not only obtain high-performance silicone rubber, but also make mixing different formulations of silicone rubber easier.
The mixing of carbon black with other media needs to be thorough in order to obtain highly stable materials, Smida's planetary mixer can be your first choice, with significant advantages such as high efficiency and environmental protection. Why don't you give it a try?
Impregnated adhesive is a very useful material that has been widely used in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, protection, sports equipment, and other fields. The Smida vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer is a high-performance and low cycle mixing equipment for preparing impregnating glue. Through high-speed revolution and rotation, various component materials are uniformly mixed into a glue liquid, and equipped with a vacuum pump to remove bubbles from the materials at the same time. High performance impregnation adhesive can be obtained within a few seconds to minutes.
This paper describes a mixing device for mixing gel, including a mixer body. The inside of the mixer body is a closed chamber, and the bottom of the mixing chamber is equipped with a mixing bracket. The bottom of the mixer is connected with a motor through a transmission structure. This mixer, with PLC program parameters, can adjust the speed, time, vacuum degree, and the ratio of revolution to rotation of the mixing bracket. Therefore, the gradual mixing and defoaming of gel can be achieved under different formulations. Compared with traditional technology, it has low energy consumption and high mixing efficiency.
Lithium battery slurry refers to a high viscosity slurry material that is prepared on site by mixing positive and negative electrode materials, conductive agents, binders, additives, etc. in a certain proportion, and adding an appropriate amount of solvents, dispersants, surfactants, etc. The quality of the slurry directly affects the performance of the battery, and with the continuous improvement of battery technology, the requirements for the slurry are also increasing. Therefore, the preparation process of lithium battery slurry is becoming increasingly important. The Smida planetary centrifugal mixer plays a crucial role in the stirring and mixing of lithium battery slurry.
The mixing of A glue and B glue is an important step in producing epoxy AB glue, which is mixed according to a certain proportion and parameters. The mixed adhesive should be used as soon as possible and the bonding operation should be completed within the specified working time. The correct mixing method can ensure the quality and bonding effect of the adhesive.
The production process of cosmetics is a complex and delicate process, involving multiple steps and links. This article will introduce the stirring process in cosmetics production, leading readers into this mysterious world.
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