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What is planetary centrifugal mixer

Planetary centrifugal mixer is a kind of mixing equipment for mixing raw materials. It can mix a variety of materials, including high-viscosity materials, liquid materials, and even nano-scale powder materials. The principle is to rely on the revolution and rotation of the container holder to stir and degas the materials. The mixing and degassing are performed with super strength and high speed, and the mixing is uniform without bubbles or stratification. It can be used with a high-power vacuum pump to perform stirring and vacuuming at the same time to remove nano-scale bubbles in the material.

There are a variety of capacity specifications to choose from, which can mix materials of different weights and meet all requirements from testing to mass production. The bladeless design will not destroy the shape and function of the material when stirring and dispersing the material. It can stir and defoam a small amount of material and reduce the loss during the mixing process. Parameters such as time and rotation speed can be set. The stirring parameters vary with different products. The equipment has a storage function and can set the stirring parameters for different materials. It is widely used in the field of material mixing in various industries. It has a high technical level in material mixing, is simple to operate, efficient and excellent, and some can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Working principle of planetary centrifugal mixer 
Working principle of planetary centrifugal mixer:
centrifugal planetary mixerdo not require mixing blades and can mix and degas materials at the same time.
To achieve this goal, three key factors need to be considered.
This uses centrifugal force to move material away from the center.
 Rotation and shearing are achieved by rotating the container and causing the material to flow.
 45 degree rotation. By tilting the axis of rotation to a 45-degree angle, three-dimensional flow is created.
In addition, the flow rate (direction) between the liquid surface and the container wall changes rapidly, causing complex flow and strong shear forces. In particular, strong shear forces make droplets and particles smaller, enhancing their dispersion. Air bubbles are also finely dispersed and eliminated during this process.
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How to mix low viscosity materials
By changing the balance between revolution speed and rotation speed, degassing can be achieved based on the following two principles. The container support is tilted 45° relative to the revolution axis. After the equipment is started, the motor transmits power to the container support through the transmission structure. The clockwise revolution relative to the revolution axis generates centrifugal force, and the counterclockwise rotation relative to the container's rotation axis generates shear force. Through high-speed rotation, the material produces convection, impact and shear. The interaction of the two forces produces vortex and up-and-down convection, pushing bubbles out of the material, and no bubbles are mixed during mixing and dispersion.
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How to mix high viscosity materials
Even in a short time, high-viscosity materials can be mixed evenly without using mixing blades.
Defoaming is based on the following three principles:
When viscosity is high, bubbles rise slowly and convection currents through the material bring the bubbles to the surface.
The reduction in pressure causes the bubbles to expand and be destroyed. Solvent bubbles are also produced.
Due to the rotation, small bubbles on the liquid surface are also sheared and destroyed.
Centrifugal Planetary Mixer - Smida Mixer
Diffevent between the Vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer and Non-Vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer
Planetary centrifugal mixers are divided into two types: non-vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer type and vacuum planetary centrifugal mixe type. Air bubbles often cause problems during mixing, in which case one of these two types can be used depending on the purpose and use.
Non-vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer removes visible air bubbles.
Vacuum planetary centrifugal mixe can be used when invisible micron bubbles need to be removed.
In the past, degassing with a dryer etc. took a long time after stirring in a mixer. The planetary centrifugal mixer can achieve degassing while stirring without worrying about overflow, which greatly shortens the time.
What is Vacuum Mixer
The vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump. It is an efficient mixing equipment that integrates stirring, degassing and vacuuming functions. It has a built-in vacuum system. , the mixing is completed in a vacuum environment, which can effectively eliminate bubbles generated during the mixing process, degas the material cleanly and efficiently, greatly improving the filling of the material and the compactness of the model, and is suitable for various high-quality materials such as paste, slurry, glue, etc. Viscosity material, good effect and fast speed.
centrifugal planetary mixer - Smida Mixer
Planetary Centrifugal Mixer  - Smida Mixer
What is Non-Vacuum Mixer
Most non-vacuum planetary centrifugal mixers are equipped with a "defoaming mode". Degassing is performed by changing the balance between revolution speed and rotation speed. The centrifugal force generated by the revolution of the non-vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer "pushes small bubbles to the liquid surface. By applying slow rotation that does not engulf the bubbles, the bubbles that have risen to the liquid surface are destroyed through shear force." It is suitable for mixing various low- to high-viscosity materials such as liquids and powders, with good effect and fast speed.
The vacuum centrifugal planetary mixer has its own vacuum system, which can remove nano-scale bubbles in the material to make the mixing effect more uniform.
The vacuum centrifugal planetary mixer has its own vacuum system, which can remove nano-scale bubbles in the material to make the mixing effect more uniform. It is suitable for materials with vacuum decompression function that require high mixing accuracy and high air content in the material.
The non-vacuum mixer replaces manual mixing through planetary motion. The mixing efficiency is greatly improved, and the uniformity of mixing is also more uniform than manual mixing. It is suitable for materials containing volatile components that are not suitable for vacuum degassing.
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Application of centrifugal planetary mixer
Experimental Materials
Cosmetics Such As Foundation, Lipstick, Lotion, Etc.
Ink And Ink
Chemical Product
Conductive Glue, Insulating Glue, Sealant And Other Electronic Adhesives
Functional Adhesive
Two-Component Resin Material
Nanopowder Material
Electronic Component
New Generation Energy Materials Such As Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, And Batteries
Lcd, Led, Oled And Other Flat Panel Display Materials
Robot Technology
Sensing Technology
Semiconductor Industry
Aviation Industry
Polymer Materials
Dental Engineering
Bioengineering, Biofactory Related Technologies
Drug Development, Pharmaceuticals, Reagents
Inspection And Analysis Technology
Solder Paste
Related Mixer From Smida
Temperature Control Mixer

Temperature planetary centrifugal mixer can adjust and control the temperature of materials during the mixing process. It is suitable for temperature-sensitive materials and greatly avoids damage to materials caused by temperature rise during the mixing process. The temperature-controlled mixer is equipped with a water-cooling heat dissipation system, which achieves accurate and stable temperature control of the container holder during the mixing process. It is safer for temperature-sensitive materials and greatly ensures the effect of the materials. It also has revolution and rotation, and vacuum detachment. The bubble function covers a variety of application scenarios, is compatible with various materials, is efficient, energy-saving, stable and reliable.

Temperature ControlPlanetary Centrifugal Mixer - Smida Mixer
Paint Mixer
The paint mixer is a mixer for the sewing industry.
The color base can be easily mixed evenly in a short time.
The performance and stability are excellent, and the operation is simple and convenient.
The mixing effect is very good and the price/performance ratio is very high.
plaint mixer/ planetary centrifugal paint mixer-Smida Mixer
Solder Paste Mixer
The solder paste mixer is a professional equipment for mixing solder paste evenly.
Simple and convenient operation, fast stirring, specific for solder paste
The rotation speed ratio ensures the softness, stability and activity of the solder paste.
The reliability and price-performance ratio are very high.
 solder paste mixer - Smida Mixer
Smida Mixer
Core Advantages
Smida Mixer has several years of experience working in the planetary centrifugal mixer industry. During this time, I have developed a strong understanding of the industry's trends, challenges, and best practices. we will drive innovative solutions and deliver high-quality results that contribute to the customer's success.
Our products have multiple invention patents and utility model patents, and have been awarded the title of high-tech enterprise by the state and Shenzhen city.
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Centrifugal Mixer manufacrer - Smida
Our core team is composed of technical elites with over 13 years of experience from various industries, providing automation equipment with independent intellectual property rights to multiple Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, and industry leaders..
Theplanetary centrifugal vacuum mixeris a main products of Smida, there is no need to clean such equipment without stirring blades; The appearance and structure are simple and easy to maintain.
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What about customer reviews for your planetary centrifugal mixer?
So far, Smida has provided automation equipment with independent intellectual property rights to multiple Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, and industry leaders, and has received high recognition and widespread praise from customers.
Main export market?
At present, our products are exported to more than 20 countries in five continents including North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania.
What about your planetary centrifugal mixer after-sales service system?
Our planetary centrifugal mixer after-sale guarantee period is 12 months, and we can provide free consumable parts within 1 year. And our professional pre-sales and after-sales department can respond you within 24 hours for any technical problems.
How to ensure the customer's standard use of the instrument?
We can provide each planetary centrifugal mixer related video showing how to install and operate. If you have specific needs, we can also arrange engineer to the customer's company for equipment operation training.
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