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Advanced Processing - Glass Laser Cutting Technology

Glass laser technology is a proportional processing technology that combines various advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, higher quality, flexibility, diversity, and personalization. As shown in the video, laser cutting machines can cut multiple small diameter circular holes on glass plates, with very flat edges and no deformation, making it an advanced glass processing method.

Glass laser cutting technology is an advanced processing method that uses a high-power density laser beam to perform non-contact cutting on glass materials.

The principle of glass laser cutting lies in the high-temperature energy field formed after the laser beam is focused, which can quickly melt or vaporize the glass material, and blow away the molten material through auxiliary gas, never achieving precise and efficient cutting. This technology not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional mechanical methods that are prone to cracking, debris, and other problems, but also greatly improves cutting accuracy and efficiency.

Laser cutting machines can achieve cutting accuracy at the millimeter level or even smaller, and the cutting speed is several times higher than traditional methods. In addition, if laser cutting is used, the heat affected zone of the glass is extremely small, which can effectively reduce the thermal deformation and stress concentration of the glass.

Moreover, using a laser cutting machine to cut glass allows for arbitrary cutting of glass according to needs, making the design of glass products more diverse and personalized. In practical applications, such as complex pattern cutting of building curtain walls and customization of car windshield shapes, glass laser cutting technology has demonstrated its unique advantages.

The lack of glass laser technology has brought revolutionary changes to the glass processing industry, not only improving production efficiency and reducing production costs, but also making glass processing more diverse.

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