Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.


Smida UV laser cutting machine - high precision, high performance, and high efficiency

UV laser cutting machines have various uses in cutting materials. Laser cutting is not limited to any type of material, even a subset of materials. UV lasers are widely used in various materials, except for some metals, such as ceramics, plastics, thin films, aluminum substrates, and so on.

UV laser cutting machines are widely used, commonly including FPC UV laser cutting and PCB laser cutting.

Application fields of ultraviolet cutting machines

1. Semiconductor field

UV cutting machines are widely used in the semiconductor field. Mainly used for the separation and processing of materials such as silicon wafers, germanium wafers, GaAs, InP, etc. Especially for some high-performance and miniaturized devices, such as MEMS, microstructure, RF devices, etc., the precision requirements for processing and separation are extremely high, and UV cutting machines can perfectly handle them.

2. In the field of TV backlighting

UV cutting machines are also widely used in the field of TV backlighting, and can be customized and separated for different LED chip sizes and packaging methods.

3. Optoelectronics field

In the field of optoelectronics, ultraviolet cutting machines can be used for high-precision lithography, packaging, and connection processes. For example, preparing micro optical components and manufacturing optical waveguide structures.

4. Precision machining field

UV cutting machines are also widely used in the field of precision machining. Mainly used for the processing and production of some precision devices and components, such as high-precision picosecond lasers, thin film capacitors, transistors, laser anti-counterfeiting, etc.

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