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Functions of gel and mixing equipment

Smida planetary centrifugal mixer can help gel with different formula proportions to mix

Gel is a form of existence in the colloidal system. It is formed after the dispersed phase particles in the colloidal system are connected with each other and built into a skeleton with three-dimensional structure. It is a characteristic colloidal system. The dispersed substances form a continuous network skeleton. The skeleton gap is filled with liquid and gas. The content of dispersed phase in gel is very low, generally between 1% and 3%.

In short, gel is a material state between liquid and solid.

Because of its special structure, gel has many superior functions and has been widely used in production. For example, its water absorption and retention properties can be applied to water absorbents, diapers, sanitary napkins, and oil-water separation materials. Its moisture absorption can also be used in desiccants and anti fog agents. Its slow-release properties can be used in drug carriers, agricultural and horticultural water retention agents, and aromatics. Its material adsorption and permeability can be used in ion exchange resins and color separation fillers. Its dispersion and stabilization, thickening can be used in food materials, cosmetics, and culture substrates. Its transparency and light transmittance can be used in artificial glass, optical glass, and display materials. Its physiological adaptability can be used in cell culture, contact lenses, and artificial skin. Its chemical and mechanical responsiveness can be used in artificial muscles and regulators. Its electrical performance It can be used for sensors and electrodes, and its shock absorption and sound absorption properties can be used for soundproof walls, artificial joints Impact absorber. Its softness, plastic deformation, elasticity, fluidity, and flexibility can be used for deformation materials and soil mortars. Its normal temperature freezing water and freezing point reduction can have ice pillows and cold storage materials. Its expansibility can be used for toys, sealing materials, filling materials, etc. It can be said that gel has many functions and is widely used in all walks of life.

In order to make these products effective, they need to be matched with a variety of polymers to have different functions and can be used in various scenarios. Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer is a mixing device that mixes various basic raw materials together, which is suitable for the mutual mixing of liquids, colloids, powders, etc., and can be matched with a high-powered vacuum pump to extract bubbles in the materials during the mixing process, making the performance of the materials more excellent. Moreover, the mixer supports the storage function and can store different mixing parameters. It is more convenient for gel with different application scenarios. Specific to the corresponding application, you can directly call out the corresponding program and stir with one key.

Moreover, the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer uses high speed and super strength to stir, mix, and defoaming materials. Its principle is to treat the materials through revolution and rotation, without stirring blades, and the performance of the materials will not be damaged during the stirring process.

Therefore, Smida planetary centrifugal mixer can play a very important role in mixing gel.

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