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On the mixed defoaming of impregnating adhesive

Suitable for Smida planetary centrifugal mixers, achieving twice the result with half the effort

Impregnated adhesive is generally a material obtained by mixing the substrate and resin, and then undergoing a specific treatment process.

Impregnated adhesive has a wide range of applications and functions, such as in the fields of building materials, medical care, textiles, electronics, environmental protection, and so on, all of which have a lot of effects and experiences for material processing and production in various fields.

A production method of impregnating adhesive, generally carried out by following the following steps: preparing materials of different components and mixing them evenly in proportion to the adhesive liquid, and the adhesive liquid is also made in proportion with different components.

Immersion glue mixing, choose Shenzhen Smida vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer! Vacuum stirring, uniform without bubbles, patented product, ISO9001 certification, EU CE certification, complete testing reports, able to complete the mixing and defoaming of impregnating adhesive in a short period of time.

Before stirring, the impregnation glue is relatively turbid and accompanied by a large number of bubbles. After 3 minutes of stirring and defoaming using the Smida vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer, the surface of the impregnation glue is very smooth and clear, and there are no bubbles when observed under a few tens of times microscope. This results in stronger material properties and better results.

Moreover, the operation of the Smida planetary mixer is very simple, dealing with the proportion of materials used for configuring glue. Other tasks can be completed with just a few simple actions, making it very easy and convenient.

On the mixed defoaming of impregnating adhesive 1

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