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Discussion on the Mixing and Mixing Equipment for Lithium Battery Slurry

Stable and reliable performance of lithium battery slurry stirred by planetary centrifugal mixer

Lithium ion battery slurry is composed of various raw materials with different densities and particle sizes, and is a mixture and dispersion of solid-liquid phases, forming a slurry that belongs to non Newtonian fluids. Lithium ion battery slurry is a liquid that flows like oil, thus possessing the characteristics of general fluids such as viscosity and fluidity. At the same time, because battery slurry is a liquid-solid two-phase flow, it also has some unique properties of its own.

The electrode manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, the positive electrode slurry is composed of adhesives, conductive agents, positive electrode materials, etc; The negative electrode slurry is composed of adhesive, graphite carbon powder, etc. The preparation of positive and negative electrode slurries involves a series of process steps such as mixing, dissolution, and dispersion between liquids and solid materials, and these processes are accompanied by changes in temperature, viscosity, and environment. The dispersion and uniformity of granular active substances in positive and negative electrode slurries directly affect the movement of lithium ions between the two poles of the battery. Therefore, the mixing and dispersion of slurries for each electrode material is crucial in the production of lithium-ion batteries. The quality of slurry dispersion directly affects the quality of subsequent lithium-ion battery production and the performance of its products.

The mixing and dispersion process of lithium-ion battery slurry has a greater impact on product quality than 30% in the entire production process of lithium-ion batteries, and is the most important link in the entire production process. Therefore, in the process of preparing electrode sheets, it is necessary to control the mixing and dispersion quality of lithium-ion battery slurry, improve the uniformity and dispersion stability of the battery slurry.

In traditional processes, ultrafine dispersion can be further carried out because traditional mixing and stirring equipment can only disperse and evenly distribute large powder clusters in the solution; However, the powder morphology exists in the form of fine agglomerates in the solution, which only meets the processing requirements for macroscopic dispersion.

After macroscopic stirring and dispersion, the slurry can further disperse and homogenize the fine powder clusters or solid particle aggregates in the solution under the strong mechanical cutting force of the ultrafine dispersion homogenization equipment, obtaining sufficiently small solid particles that are uniformly distributed in the solution, achieving the effect of microscopic ultrafine dispersion homogenization.

By using the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer, a strong shear force is generated through the centrifugal force and gravity generated by high-speed revolution and rotation, continuously shearing and mixing the material, and ultimately uniformly mixing the liquid and powder, which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of the slurry.

In terms of operation, Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer is programmed accordingly, and the slurry is strictly executed according to the formula ratio. The formula ratio of the raw materials remains unchanged and the running program remains unchanged, greatly improving the consistency of large-scale preparation of lithium atom battery slurry.

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