Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.

Smida, a planetary centrifugal mixer manufacturer, helps with high-purity silver slurry

Solution for dispersion and stirring of silver slurry

Silver paste is widely used in printed circuit boards (PCBs), touch screens, antennas, conductive adhesives, coatings, medical devices, medical dressings, disinfection materials, anti-static, conductive coatings, resistors, solar panels and other fields in electronics, medical, chemical and other industries.

It can be said that the raw materials and application fields of silver paste are very extensive, and it is an excellent conductive material.

The important factor of silver paste is the silver particles in its composition, which is crucial for the preparation of silver paste. To ensure the cleanliness and dust-free of the silver paste, it is necessary to stir it thoroughly and evenly to ensure the uniform distribution of silver powder, binder, and solvent, in order to ensure the performance of the silver paste.

Smida, a professional manufacturer of planetary centrifugal mixers, has a complete range of product models, affordable prices, and good service. Welcome to visit our factory for on-site inspection. With 14 years of rich experience in automation equipment products, you are right to contact us. For planetary centrifugal mixers, please contact Smida to help you obtain high-purity silver slurry.

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