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Mixing of epoxy AB adhesive A and B adhesive

Use the correct epoxy AB adhesive mixing equipment to achieve optimal results

Epoxy AB adhesive is used for bonding and fixing electronic components, handicrafts, and gifts. It has excellent bonding strength for packaging and bonding between metals, ceramics, wood, glass, and hard plastics. A. After mixing agent B, it needs to be thoroughly stirred evenly. Uneven mixing can lead to incomplete curing. Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer allows customers to mix epoxy AB adhesive perfectly.

Epoxy AB adhesive provides quick curing, a milky white viscous epoxy resin adhesive that can be cured at low temperature or room temperature, with fast curing speed, high bonding strength after curing, good hardness, toughness, good acid and alkali resistance of cured products, moisture and water resistance, oil and dust resistance, and resistance to humidity, heat and atmospheric aging; The cured material has good electrical and physical properties such as insulation, compression resistance, and high adhesive strength.

Epoxy AB glue is mixed evenly in proportion between two types of glue before use. How to mix epoxy AB glue with a Smida planetary centrifugal mixer?

1. According to the formula ratio, the accurate dosage of the electronic scale should be applied, and each time the material is replaced, it needs to be reset to zero on the electronic scale;

2. Adjust the mixing parameters according to the formula of the adhesive, and pay attention to the curing time of the adhesive before use as soon as possible;

3. You can use a syringe to pour glue into the syringe and stir it. After mixing, it can be used directly.

Epoxy AB adhesive produces bubbles during stirring, which is a normal phenomenon. However, the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer is equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, which can vacuum and remove nanoscale bubbles from the adhesive during the stirring process. This will not affect the appearance of the adhesive product or the adhesive performance. Because the equipment itself can perform vacuum defoaming, there is no need to worry about bubbles during the mixing process like traditional mixing methods.

Moreover, the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer adopts planetary revolution and rotation, with a maximum operating speed of up to 2500rpm. At high speeds, it can complete the stirring and mixing in less time, ensuring sufficient time to use glue and ensuring that the glue can fully blend and reach the optimal state.

In addition, different formulations of epoxy AB adhesive may have different requirements for mixing time. Therefore, when using it, it is necessary to use different methods according to different formulations for correct mixing, especially for some special formulations of adhesives, to ensure optimal performance. The standard machine of the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer can store 20 programs with different parameters, and can set the most suitable parameters for different formulas with one click to call out and stir, saving work time and improving work efficiency.

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