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Mixing process of cosmetics

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Cosmetics are a type of daily chemical industry product, and with the development of the cosmetics industry, the categories of cosmetics are also diverse. Cosmetics are no longer luxury goods, but have now entered the homes of ordinary people. There are a variety of cosmetics in the shopping mall, so how are they produced.

In a more formal cosmetics production process, the production of cosmetics is generally divided into several steps. Firstly, cosmetic processing factories will purchase various raw materials and pass quality inspections to ensure the quality and stability of the materials. Next, the factory will mix the raw materials in a certain proportion in containers to form a mixture. Next, it is thoroughly mixed through machine stirring and other methods to obtain the final form of the cosmetics. Finally, it can only be sold on the market through canning, packaging, and health quarantine.

Among them, the mixing process of cosmetics is one of the most important technologies. And Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer can be applied to the production of cosmetics.

This is a customized device, with some functional modules that can be customized according to customer needs. The vacuum defoaming function can be selected to further improve the functionality of cosmetics, and the stirring form is through planetary rotation and revolution for stirring and mixing. This device is popular among many customers both domestically and internationally.

The stirring capacity generally ranges from 300ml, 700ml, 1500ml, 2L, 4L, 7L, 9L, 14L Up to tens of liters, and can also be converted into smaller capacity containers through adapter fixtures according to customer needs. Currently, the minimum adapter cup capacity is 12ml, and this device is easy to operate.

A good cosmetic mixer can take the quality of the product to the next level. I highly recommend the planetary centrifugal mixer produced by Shenzhen Smida Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Smida is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales. Its core technology and leading products include various models of planetary centrifugal mixers, laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, etc. Its products are widely used in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, electronics, universities, laboratories, biology, aerospace, printing, cosmetics, rubber, plastics, adhesives, etc.

Shenzhen Smida Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to customer needs as its responsibility, continuously develops and innovates, designs and produces highly stable and easy to operate equipment, and pays attention to the introduction and training of its core team members. The company has high-quality technical employees, each of whom is a technical elite with more than ten years of experience from various industries. It continuously provides equipment with independent intellectual property rights for multiple Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, and industry leaders.

Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer is not only suitable for the cosmetics production field, but also for industries such as biomedicine, food industry, coatings and inks, nanomaterials, petrochemicals, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, papermaking industry, pesticides and fertilizers. Due to its comprehensive functionality and flexible customization, it is also suitable for a wide range of fields!

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