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The application of vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer in the lithium battery slurry industry


    The mixing and dispersion process of lithium-ion battery cell slurry has a greater impact on product quality than 30% in the entire production process of lithium-ion batteries, and is the most important link in the entire production process.

    The electrode manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, the positive electrode slurry is composed of adhesives, conductive agents, positive electrode materials, etc; The negative electrode slurry is composed of adhesive, graphite carbon powder, etc. The preparation of positive and negative electrode slurries involves a series of process steps such as mixing, dissolution, and dispersion between liquids and solid materials, and these processes are accompanied by changes in temperature, viscosity, and environment. The dispersion and uniformity of granular active substances in positive and negative electrode slurries directly affect the movement of lithium ions between the two poles of the battery. Therefore, the mixing and dispersion of slurries for each electrode material is crucial in the production of lithium-ion batteries. The quality of slurry dispersion directly affects the quality of subsequent lithium-ion battery production and the performance of its products.

    A vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer is a mixing equipment for basic materials, which uses the principle of centrifugation for mixing. While rotating at high speed, it can be combined with a high-power vacuum pump to mix the materials evenly and synchronously with vacuum pumping within seconds to minutes, achieving the effect of removing bubbles. Equipped with different fixtures and cups, it is easy to meet all the requirements from testing to mass production. Can store 20 sets of data (customizable), each set of data can be divided into 5 segments to set different parameters such as time, speed, vacuum degree, etc., which can meet the mixing and defoaming requirements of most materials.

    The application of vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer in the lithium battery slurry industry

    The mixer produced by Shenzhen Smida Intelligent Equipment can reach a maximum speed of 2500 rpm, and high viscosity materials can also be perfectly mixed evenly. All key components are imported and well-known brands in the industry, ensuring the stability of the machine during long-term use under high loads. Some functions of the machine can be customized.

    Smida's equipment has undergone testing, bulk procurement, and long-term use by major enterprises, and we believe it can meet your company's requirements for high-quality equipment. Choose us, choose a major, choose peace of mind! We look forward to hearing your voice.

The application of vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer in the lithium battery slurry industry 1

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