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The application of planetary centrifugal mixer in the ink industry

Smida planetary centrifugal mixer, operating at high speed, can evenly mix high viscosity materials

Planetary centrifugal mixer is an efficient mixing equipment that integrates dispersion, mixing, and defoaming functions. It is mainly used in the mixing and mixing of materials in high, sharp, and precision products such as printing ink, LED, LCD, medical devices, electronic packaging materials, and new energy materials. Planetary centrifugal mixer has played its strengths in these fields with its unique functions.

Ink is an important material used for printing, which expresses patterns and text on the substrate through printing or inkjet printing.

Ink contains both main and auxiliary components, which are uniformly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous adhesive fluid. Composed of binder (resin), pigments, fillers, additives, and solvents. Used for various printing purposes such as books, magazines, packaging decoration, architectural decoration, and electronic circuit boards. With the increase in social demand, the variety and production of ink have also expanded and increased accordingly.

So specifically, how is the planetary centrifugal mixer used in the ink industry?

The working principle of the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer is to use the centrifugal force generated by the machine's revolution and rotation to achieve uniform stirring and defoaming. Because no mixing blade is used, there will be no damage to the material during the mixing process, and the integrity of the material is maintained to the greatest extent possible. Containers can be made using manufacturer standard mixing cups or customized disposable containers, which do not require cleaning and can be used at any time. It can reduce personnel workload and better mix and stir materials, saving time and cost to a certain extent. Getting more and more favor from enterprises and researchers.

For those who are interested in planetary centrifugal mixers, you can contact Smida customer service for free access to some industry use cases and non-standard customized solutions, or contact free samples.

The application of planetary centrifugal mixer in the ink industry 1

What is a Planetary Centrifugal Mixer?
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