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What are the precautions for using planetary centrifugal mixers?

Protecting the planetary centrifugal mixer is necessary for us to use it for a longer period of time

When it comes to planetary centrifugal stirring and defoaming machines, I believe many friends are very familiar with it. Although it is not common in daily life outside, many production enterprises are very fond of it.

Below, the editor will introduce to you the precautions for using planetary centrifugal mixers?

Firstly, even if you purchase a planetary centrifugal mixer from a legitimate manufacturer, after its first ten hours of operation, you still need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of its connecting parts to avoid loosening of bolts and other situations. This way, it can more effectively prevent its loosening.

Secondly, when using a planetary centrifugal mixer, all parts of the machine must be kept clean, especially the inner wall of the planetary centrifugal mixer, to prevent corrosive materials from corroding the inner wall. They must be cleaned regularly. If the high viscosity mixer is not used for a long time, everyone needs to apply rust proof grease to its inner wall and discharge part, so that rust will not affect normal use next time.

Thirdly, whether before use or after the mixing operation is completed, everyone needs to regularly inspect the machine in detail and achieve regular maintenance, especially for vulnerable parts. If there is wear or damage, everyone needs to repair or replace it.

Fourthly, if any damage is found to the electrical part of the planetary centrifugal mixer, it must not be suitable for continued use and must be replaced in a timely manner to avoid damage to other parts during use.

If everyone can firmly grasp the above precautions when using a planetary centrifugal mixer, the machine can carry out mixing operations normally for a long time without various malfunctions affecting the normal operation. In addition, if you want to extend the service life of the high viscosity mixer, you also need to pay attention to its maintenance and upkeep.

Alarm and fault handling of planetary centrifugal mixer
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