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Alarm and fault handling of planetary centrifugal mixer

Mixer operation alarm, problem-solving solution

1、 Alarm Definition

In order to ensure the safety of the operator and the stability of the machine, we have installed a series of sensing devices. When there is an abnormality in the machine, it will alarm in a timely manner and notify the operator.

2、 Alarm cleared

● Exception handling:

During the mixing process, if any abnormalities are found, please press the "Stop" button to stop the machine from working.

● Emergency stop button:

When an emergency occurs, press this button and the motor will immediately stop working, while releasing the pressure in the true cavity.

● Release emergency button:

Rotate the button clockwise to release the emergency button.

3、 Troubleshooting and handling

If there is a malfunction in this machine, please confirm the following items before commissioning repairs.

Fault phenomenon

Processing method

Power cannot be connected

Is the power cord correctly inserted into the power socket and the power inlet of the host.

Is the power switch in the ON state.

Pressing the run button but not starting to run

When pressing the operation button, is the top cover of the host in an open state? Please close the top cover before pressing the operation button.

There is abnormal vibration or noise

Is the rotation balance adjustment set properly? If not adjusted properly, abnormal vibration or noise may occur due to imbalance.

Unable to perform stirring and defoaming smoothly

Check if the time setting is appropriate.

Check if the vacuum value setting is appropriate.

Check if there are any changes to the application unit.

Confirm if there are any errors in the material ratio

What are the precautions for using planetary centrifugal mixers?
Discussion on the Development of Planetary Centrifugal Mixers
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