Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.

A Processing Method for Thermal Conductive Plate Materials

Planetary centrifugal stirring and vacuum defoaming enhance the performance of thermal conductive pl

Put the materials on the formula into a mixing container in proportion, start the equipment to stir the materials evenly, and at the same time, vacuum to remove bubbles. This can obtain a uniformly mixed and high-performance thermal conductivity plate material, which has better performance compared to materials stirred by ordinary methods.

The Smida vacuum planetary centrifugal mixer is a material mixing equipment with very simple operation. After setting up the program, you only need to press the button to stir. During the mixing process, vacuum will be drawn to remove bubbles from the material, and the program can be stored. When you need it next time, you can directly call up the program with one click to stir again.

If you have any questions about material mixing, please feel free to consult Smida. We have been deeply involved in the planetary centrifugal mixer industry for 14 years and have extensive experience in material mixing.

Automotive paint mixing tool - planetary centrifugal mixer
Smida, a planetary centrifugal mixer manufacturer, helps with high-purity silver slurry
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