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Temperature Control Efficiency, Precise Mixing, Bubble-Free Mixing New Era

Explore the new frontier of temperature-controlled vacuum planetary centrifugal mixing! The TMV-310TTC, powered by Smida's exclusive patent technology, fuses efficient planetary rotation and self-rotation with a powerful vacuum pump, achieving instant uniform mixing and thorough bubble removal. Equipped with a precise temperature control system, it maintains the ideal temperature throughout the mixing process, ensuring consistent quality. With PLC intelligent control, one-touch operation, and the ability to store 20 programs, it meets various material mixing needs, making it a powerful tool for scientific research and production!

【Temperature Control System · Precise Temperature Regulation】


Core Highlight: The TMV-310TTC adopts an advanced temperature control system that precisely regulates the temperature during the mixing process, ensuring that every material is uniformly mixed in the optimal temperature environment, effectively avoiding quality issues caused by overheating or uneven temperature, making it an ideal choice for scientific research experiments and industrial production.


【Working Principle · Efficient Mixing】


Innovative Technology: Combining planetary rotation and self-rotation modes with a high-power vacuum pump, it creates a powerful mixing force that enables materials to reach a uniform state in a short time while removing bubbles, enhancing product quality and production efficiency. Every mixing cycle is a testament to the ultimate pursuit of quality.


【Memory Function · Intelligent Convenience】


Intelligent Upgrade: Equipped with a PLC control system, it not only offers simple and intuitive operation but also boasts a powerful memory function capable of storing up to 20 mixing programs. Whether for common formulas or special requirements, one-touch recall saves time and effort, making every operation more intelligent and convenient.


【Easy Operation · Quick Start】


User-Friendly Design: The TMV-310TTC is designed with user experience in mind, featuring a concise operation interface and intuitive instructions that even first-time users can quickly master. Whether you're a novice in scientific research or a seasoned pro in production, you'll find it easy to handle and enjoy the convenience of efficient mixing.

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