Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.


Solid powder mixing equipment manufacturer

By using a powerful and flexible planetary centrifugal mixer, solid particles can be quickly wetted or dissolved in the liquid during solid-liquid mixing treatment.

The mixing of solid powder and liquid can achieve good results using traditional stirring methods. In solid mixing treatment, using the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer, which has super strength and high speed, can make solid powder and liquid mix more quickly.

Traditional mixing methods often encounter problems such as uneven mixing, clumping, and mixing with air when mixing special materials. These problems are not what we want to see, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of our materials and cannot achieve the expected results. Moreover, this traditional mixing method cannot achieve uniformity for materials processed in multiple batches. Therefore, we need a continuous and unified process to handle it. Smida can provide a new mixing method that uses planetary rotation and revolution to process materials with super strength and high speed, achieving rapid mixing of materials. This mixing method not only effectively avoids the problems caused by traditional mixing, but also greatly improves the efficiency. Improve efficiency.

The Smida planetary centrifugal mixer can better achieve the mixing, homogenization, and dispersion effects of materials, and is smooth and uniform, without clumping or dust. It can also store programs and set stirring parameters according to the original material ratio to continuously process the materials, achieving a unified effect.

In addition, the Smida planetary centrifugal mixer has a wide range of applications, and even high viscosity materials can be stirred evenly. This is equivalent to only needing one mixer when processing different materials, without the need for different devices.

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