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Mixing method for needle tube materials

This video uses a Smida planetary centrifugal mixer with model TMV-1500T, and the mixing container is a needle cylinder for material mixing experiments. The observed effect shows that the material has been mixed evenly.

The Smida planetary centrifugal mixer is a device for stirring and mixing basic materials. It does not have mixing blades and belongs to non-contact stirring. It is a stirring equipment that uses a stirring container to stir the materials, while the standard stirring container is a stirring cup.
For certain specific scenarios, a specific container needs to be used, and a syringe is one of them. To use a syringe as a container for mixing materials, a set of syringe supports needs to be customized to ensure that the syringe can be fixed during the mixing process. The mixing process is the same as using a cup. The material is placed in the syringe in proportion and then placed in the equipment for mixing.
The specifications, dimensions, and other parameters of the syringe need to be able to be used in the mixing bracket. Different specifications of syringe are suitable for different models of equipment. For details, please consult Smida.
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