Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.

Safety operating specifications for Smida planetary centrifugal mixer

Safe operating procedures are an important guarantee for ensuring safety

Safety signs and prohibitions

● Safety precautions


This device is only used for mixing and defoaming materials and cannot be used for other purposes

It is strictly prohibited to disassemble, modify, or engage in other activities related to the host.

Do not use in the following situations.

——Do not use in places that can come into contact with water, oil, or drugs.

——Do not use around flammable materials.

Do not touch the power plug when your hands are wet.


No objects are allowed to be placed on the stage.

Do not mix foreign objects into the holes and gaps of the host. Can cause incorrect operation or malfunction.

Do not splash water into the machine or wet it.

Do not use when there is damage (cracks, large indentations) on the surface of the machine.

Ensure that the cooling window is unobstructed.

Do not operate the machine for a long time. The machine should have a cooling time.

When the machine is not in use, please unplug the power plug.



Do not use the machine in the following places.

——Do not use in places that are prone to falling or tipping over.

——Do not use in tilted areas.

——Do not use in places with strong vibrations and impacts.

——Do not use in areas with insufficient surface strength.

——Please do not use in places with direct sunlight and surrounding temperatures exceeding 5-35 ℃.

Do not damage, forcibly bend, or replace non matching power cords.

Do not use damaged power cables.

● Operating instructions:


Do not open the top cover while running.

Do not start operating with the top cover open.


Do not touch the machine when your hands are wet.

Do not shake or move the machine while it is running.

If any abnormal situation occurs (such as abnormal vibration, noise, odor, delay, etc.), please immediately unplug the power plug, stop using, and contact the sales agent or our Simada business department that sells the product.

● Maintenance and upkeep


Please make sure that the power supply is unplugged before carrying out cleaning and maintenance work


Unauthorized disassembly or repair of any machine components is prohibited.

Safety devices

This machine is equipped with various safety devices

● Leakage protection switch: prevents leakage and current overload

Door cover lock: It is prohibited to open the door cover during equipment operation

Door cover sensor: If the door cover is not covered or not fully covered, the device cannot start.

Vibration sensor: If the machine vibrates too much and the mixing cup is not balanced, it will prompt an alarm

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