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Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 1
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 2
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 3
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 4
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 1
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 2
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 3
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 4

Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply

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Product details of the planetary centrifugal mixer

Product Introduction

The advanced machines and equipment are made use of in the manufacturing Smida planetary centrifugal mixer to ensure its flawlessness. The quality of this product is checked at every different level under the supervision of quality inspector to ensure the superior quality. The strong economic strength of Smida allows to carry out strict quality assurance.

  Solder Paste Mixer

_  ________________________________

Dedicated to the solder paste.

● Single maximum mixing of 500g.

● Time can be adjusted.

High speed, mix the solder paste in a short time.

After mixing, the color of the solder paste is uniform, more lubricating, and the viscosity also decreases.


Technical Parameter

Product Name Solder paste mixer
Model TM-500S
Working mode Rotation/revolution/non-contact
Mixing capacity 0-250g*2 (Suitable for universal 500g solder paste/bottle, other specifications can be customized by contacting our company)
Operating speed Motor speed: 1350rpm, One revolution: 300rpm; Secondary rotation: 300rpm
Time setting 0.01s-99h099s, Minute second setting (Usually it only takes 3-5 minutes)
Display method LED digital display
Power Supply AV220V, 50Hz
Power 60W
Equipment size L400*W400*H500mm
Equipment weight 45kg

Our advantage

Choose us, and we promise to do everything needed to ensure a successful and satisfactory working partnership. The 4 reasons set out below will give you an insight into our advantages.

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Industry experience
We have over 10 years of industry experience and have a better understanding of the processes involved than most salespeople.
Latest Planetary Centrifugal Mixer Supply 7
Market area
We have sales experience in more than 20 countries worldwide and have a certain understanding of market demand.
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Team introduction
We have experienced employees serving you in various aspects such as research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales.
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Product advantages
They outperform their competitors when it comes to durability and performance, deeply trusted by both domestic andforeign customers.

Product Description


                   A specialized equipment for mixing solder paste, utilizing the interaction between

                   rotation and revolution, to remove bubbles from the solder paste while mixing it.

Shenzhen Smidalntelligent Equipment Co.Ltd. 

Automation Equipment One Stop Solution Provider

Smida is a company with more than 10 years of production and R&D experience in the professional intelligent equipment. It is a national high-tech enterprise

that integrates automation solution consulting, research and development, manufacturing, and after-sales service. We win a number of

foreign trade export certification and patents, and has cooperated with many enterprises and universities.

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05 (3)
05 (3)
Square meters

Operation Steps


Paint Mixer

Step 1: Release the latch and open the machine cover.

Step 2: Take out the solder paste can and cover it with sleeves. (The diameter of the solder paste tank is greater than φ 64 does not require lining)

Step 3: Load solder paste can and balance code into the solder paste tank.(Mixing 2 bottles of solder paste at the same time can cancel the balance method code)

Step 4: Close the machine cover and lock the latch.

Step 5: Set the timer, with a reference value of 15 minutes, set to 15M00 (Note that the time relay H corresponds to hours, M minutes, and S seconds)

Step 6: Connect the power, turn on the power switch, start the start button, and the device will start mixing.

Step 7: After the mixing time is up, wait for the mixing head to stop rotating, press the stop button to stop the equipment, turn off the power switch. Remove the solder paste can.


Solder paste

The comparison before and after mixing of the solder paste shows that the color of the mixed solder paste is more uniform and smoother.
The state of solder paste before and after stirring under a microscope.


      If you have any further questions about the paint mixer, please contact Smida.

Can other materials be mixed?
Sure, but the effect may not be satisfactory.
Why choose a solder paste mixer?
In the production process, the mixing process is particularly important, and it is necessary to carefully control the mixing time and intensity to ensure product quality and stability.

Company Advantage

• Our company has many years of experience in the manufacture of machinery. Based on the strong production strength, we can provide customers with high-quality products with favorable price and excellent custom services.
• Reasonable in design, stable in operation, convenient in operation and reliable in quality, the mechanical equipment produced by Smida has a long product life.
• Smida carries out the service model of 'standardized system management, closed-loop quality monitoring, seamless link response, and personalized service' to provide comprehensive and all-around services for consumers.
• Since the inception in Smida has developed the machinery business for years. With high-quality machinery, reasonable price and professional service, we gain a good reputation in the industry.
• Smida has established sales outlets in major cities in China. The products are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other regions.
Discounts will be offered on your first purchase for Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer,laser marking machine,laser cutting machine.

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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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