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Mixing of silicone rubber with different properties

Planetary centrifugal mixer with multi program storage for mixing different formulations of silicone

Silicone rubber is a polymer elastic material with inorganic and organic molecular bonds, which has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance, and atmospheric aging resistance. It is a high-performance rubber material and has been widely used in many application fields.

Fillers are additives used to adjust the performance of silicone rubber. Different fillers and dosages can cause differences in the performance of silicone rubber. Therefore, adjustments need to be made according to different application fields to meet the requirements of different application fields.

The planetary centrifugal mixer is a mixing equipment that can handle the mixing of silicone rubber. It can set the mixing parameters specifically for different application scenarios, mix materials with different formulas, and store a certain amount of programs for convenient mixing of different materials.

Silicone rubber and silicone rubber fillers are weighed by weight using an electronic scale and added to a container. The container is placed in a planetary centrifugal mixer for stirring. Generally, after stirring for 1-3 minutes, the silicone rubber can be mixed evenly. Moreover, the planetary centrifugal mixer is equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, which can allow the silicone rubber to bubble under negative pressure for 1-3 minutes and remove the bubbles from the colloid.

This is a simple step for planetary centrifugal mixers to process materials. Not only can silicone rubber be completely mixed in a short time, but it can also remove small bubbles in the material, resulting in superior performance silicone rubber.

Mixing of silicone rubber with different properties 1

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