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Exploration of Polyurethane Stirring Mixing and Defoaming Technology

Smida stirring defoaming technology: optimizing process and improving polyurethane performance

1、 Introduction

Polyurethane (PU) has attracted attention for its excellent performance and wide range of applications. Polyurethane plays an important role in multiple industries such as construction, automotive, furniture, and footwear. However, the production process of polyurethane is not achieved overnight, and stirring, mixing, and defoaming are key steps to ensure product quality and performance. This article will delve into these two technical aspects in depth.

2、 Polyurethane stirring and mixing technology

Stirring and mixing are the primary steps in polyurethane production, aimed at uniformly mixing various raw materials to form a stable reaction system. Before stirring and mixing, the raw materials may appear dispersed, uneven, and even filled with bubbles. The presence of these bubbles not only affects the appearance quality of the product, but also has a negative impact on its performance.

By selecting appropriate mixing equipment and process parameters, it is possible to ensure uniform mixing of raw materials. Mixing equipment such as Shenzhen Smida's planetary centrifugal mixer can be selected according to production needs. The mixing process includes multiple stages such as pre mixing, low-speed mixing, and high-speed mixing, and each stage requires strict control of parameters such as time and speed.

3、 Polyurethane defoaming technology

After the stirring and mixing are completed, defoaming becomes the next crucial step. The purpose of defoaming is to expel the bubbles generated during the stirring process, thereby ensuring the smooth surface and stable performance of the product. While stirring and mixing, coupled with a high-power vacuum pump, the material that was originally filled with bubbles should become uniform and bubble free, with a smooth surface like a mirror, and even able to clearly reflect the shadow of the cup.

4、 Conclusion

The importance of stirring, mixing, and defoaming technology in the production process of polyurethane is self-evident. Stirring and mixing ensure uniform mixing of raw materials, laying the foundation for stable product performance; And defoaming further improves the appearance quality and performance stability of the product. After stirring and mixing, the material, which was originally filled with bubbles, becomes uniform and bubble free, with a smooth surface like a mirror. This is not only a reflection of technological progress, but also a strict control of product quality. Therefore, in the production process of polyurethane, it is necessary to attach great importance to mixing and defoaming technology to ensure that the quality and performance of the product reach the optimal state.

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