Smida can provide professional planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.

Boosting employee happiness

Smida holds quarterly group birthday parties

Happy birthday to you!

When a warm person encountering the warm Smida

What kind of sparks will collide and produce

The staff carefully arranged the scene

Boosting employee happiness 1

Warm Encounter, Not Disappointed by Peers

Make every employee truly feel the warmth of Smida

One year, one gift, one joyful year after year

One year, one gift, one joyful year after year

Smida gives you enough sense of ceremony and belonging

Who envied it

Boosting employee happiness 2

A person's birthday is self indulgent

Two people's birthdays are warm and sweet

The collective birthday must be of extraordinary significance

Sing and make wishes, enjoy delicious food

Time is safe, with cakes to make appointments, wherever you go, there is sunshine everywhere

The deepest affection and love, the birthday stars have all made wishes

May our friends become the way they like, maintain their love, have freedom, and shine

I am fortunate to have met and enjoyed this moment

Boosting employee happiness 3

Birthday parties are brief, but beauty is eternal

Good times and auspicious days always come, and the golden age embraces every year

May good luck surround you, and may you be healthy, happy, and happy forever

Memory carries joy, time chases happiness

The road ahead is vast and vast, and the future is promising for all things

Keep moving forward with full love and hope!

Wishing all the birthday stars a happy birthday once again! All wishes come true~


Shenzhen Smida Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

You make a deal, I'll give you a gift
Commemorating Women's Day, flowers will bloom in SMIDA
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